Hildryn worth it

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Hildryn worth it

hildryn worth it

Asked by GrazeZeroLow. Good morning. My So, I thought the natural choice would be Hildryn After two passive procs, she died. Even at the basic mob level R1 Lich, R55 mobs. I'm aware my build isn't optimal, but I can run sorties with her. So, I'm at a loss of what happened.

hildryn worth it

I'm not a "number cruncher", so here's my build. Thank you for your time, suggestions, and your consideration.

hildryn worth it

It seems to me like you don't really understand Hildryn's kit don't worry, I didn't use her for like a year because I didn't understand her, and now I'm a mainso I'm going to break down the fundamentals for you:.

Redirection, Vigor Primed or otherwiseand Adaptation are the core three mods that make Hildryn viable. IMO these three mods alone could get her through Sorties. On Fast Deflection: This mod is only really useful if you aren't going to be using Pillage a lot.

And for a Pillage build your top three priorities are: Strength, Strength, and at a distant third Duration. Some people like Natural Talent on Pillage builds to make the ability better as a panic button, but since I use it liberally and before I get into sticky situations I don't really need it. To actually kill the Lich in a reasonable amount of time, bring crit weapons. Everything else Hildryn can do if you press 2 every seconds.

Hijack is a basically a moving king of the hill mission type. You don't need to nuke the map. If you need to solo.

I would suggest Nidus. Just pull all the mobs into a group and kill them. If you have a friend. A slowva can make it a cake walk too.

It's not a kill mission. Kill the thralls and stay by the target keeping enemies far enough away to not stop the target. I know you are looking for a Hildryn build but this post seems more aimed at completing the mission. Adaption somewhere, probably in place of vitality.Unlike traditional Warframe weapons, Arch-guns have no separate ammo reserve or magazine in Zero-G, instead having a regenerating magazine whose contents replenish to full when the weapon is not firing.

The delay from ceasefire to replenishment and the speed of ammo regeneration varies between different Arch-gun models. Because they have no ammo reserves in their normal usage, Arch-guns essentially have unlimited ammunition and thus do not require replenishment from ammo pickups.

When used in ground combat, Arch-guns only have a limited amount of ammo along with using magazines and standard reloading. Once all of an Arch-gun's ammunition is used up, the weapon is removed and can only be called down again after a 5-minute cooldown period. Ground-based Arch-gun ammo can only be replenished by Heavy Ammowhich can drop from heavy-duty enemies like BombardsCorpus Techand Ancients.

Picking up Heavy Ammo also resets the Archgun Deployer's 5-minute cooldown. Ammo Case 's ammo conversion does not work on grounded Arch-guns. While wielding the Arch-gun in ground combat, the player is unable to switch to any other weapon.

Base aim-glide time will also be reduced to 1 second. Activating the Archgun Deployer again will remove the Arch-gun, with the cooldown based on the remaining ammunition upon unequipping. Atmosphere Arch-guns receive affinity while equipped according to normal rules, including the per-weapon split.

Update Submersible Archwing now uses your weapons like open world Archwing does. Hotfix Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Contents [ show ]. Dual Decurion. Imperator Vandal. Kuva Ayanga. Fixed an issue where players with Arch-Guns in their loadout couldn't Wall Latch. Fixed the Imperator and Imperator Vandal reload sounds playing non-positional. Arch-Gun Deployer cooldown has been reduced to 5 minutes instead of Fixed Clients not hearing the Atmosphere Arch-Gun equip sound.

Fixed missing Fluctus Atmosphere Arch-Gun summon sound. Heavy Ammo Drops also reset the 10 minute cool-down when picked up, or replenish Ammo if needed. Atmosphere Arch-Gun can be summoned in normal missions with the Archweapon Deployer, but once Ammo has been depleted there is a 10 minute cool-down until you can summon again.While she has no energy bar for the mod to recover, of the game's other energy recovery systems still work on her, such as Energy Orbs granting shields, instead.

So does Energy Siphon do anything, or should I swap to something else? Regardless, I would take something else. Assuming it was a conversion for energy:shields, you gain 0. I really cannot see that being useful. That is a fair point. Even if it worked, it would so so little that it's no worth taking. Thank you for the perspective.

E Siphon does nothing. Zenurik also does nothing. Energy Restores do nothing. There is no known interaction with them, only energy orbs themself. All rights reserved. Warframe and the Warframe logo are trademarks of Digital Extremes Ltd. Community Forum Software by IP. News Partners Store Prime Access. Players helping Players Search In. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

Energy Siphon on Hildryn? Posted March 22, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Recommended Posts. What about Trinity's energy vampire? Last time I checked I didn't see it working. Go To Question Listing. Sign In Sign Up. Warframe Game Media News.

Community Forums Community Guidelines. Support Support Privacy Policy.Hildryn draws from her Shields to fuel her abilities, while Energy recharges her Shields. Drawing from her shields like a battery, her defensive and offensive utility are unparalleled. This is Hildryn, the domina of armament. Reinforced by her stalwart physique, the herculean cyborg, Hildrynfortifies her allies' defenses as enemy barricades crumble beneath her overwhelming might. Rocket skyward at full thrust, achieve atmospheric flight, and launch shield-powered warheads to raze the battlefield with heavy artillery firepower.

Hildryn first rained death from above on March 7th, during Operation: Buried Debts. Expected refers to total number of runs a player can expect to receive at least one of each drop associated with the respective values. For more detailed definitions and information on how these number were obtained visit here.

Although she has no Energy capacity, her shields boasts additional passive benefits and defensive capabilities listed in the tabs below:. Hildryn's Shield Gating is more advanced than other Warframes, bolstering her defenses further:. All of Hildryn's abilities drain her Overshield and Shield points, as she lacks any energy capacity. Overshields take priority over shields when spending points on abilities and channeling. Energy Orb pickup restores 25 shield points and instantly bypasses the shield recharge delay enforced on receiving damage to shields, allowing Hildryn to quickly recharge her defensive barrier in combat.

Can only pick up Energy Orbs when Hildryn's shield pool is not at maximum. Shield points from Energy Orbs do not create Overshields if there are excess amounts. However, Arcane Energize 's effect has no effect on her, even though it can still trigger. Ability Efficiency mods and abilities affect the shield costs of her abilities instead of energy costs.

Expand All. Info Hildryn equips her Exalted Weapon energy rocket launcher sidearm, the Balefire Chargerusing 50 shields or overshields to summon and converts shields or overshields into an energy bolt which explodes on impact with enemies and surfaces.

Balefire Charger will ragdoll enemies if Hildryn has overshield. Shield activation cost and cost per shot is affected by Ability Efficiency. Damage distribution is purely Electricity. Shots can be charged to increase the damage inflicted, at the cost of consuming more shields: Scales with the amount charged e.

Has a charge time of 2 seconds. Shots have a fire rate of 0. Does not deal self-damage. Explosion radius is affected by Ability Range. Damage is affected by Ability Strength and most secondary weapon mods.

The mods that affect Balefire Charger include: damage e. Barrel Diffusion critical e. Jolt fire rate e. Gunslinger faction damage e. Balefire can not be equipped with Acolyte Mods e. Riven Mods are not generated for the Balefire Charger. While Aegis Storm is active, a second Balefire Charger will be equipped on Hildryn's left arm when using this ability. This is a purely cosmetic effect, and does not provide any tangible combat advantages. This pistol launches bolts of Electricity that deal area-of-effect damage in a large area, and can be charged to deal more damage.

Its massive damage is offset by its low critical chancecritical multiplierand status chance. Augment Main article: Balefire Surge Balefire Surge is a Warframe Augment Mod for Hildryn 's Balefire that allows it to restore shields on direct hits from fully charged shots, and giving the ability to instantly destroy nullifier shields.Hildryn is the second Warframe obtainable from Fortuna and Orb Vallis and the first one that needs a high standing with the Vox Solaris Syndicate.

If you want to know more about farming standing and reaching the highest rank, you might want to take a look at our Vox Solaris Standing Guide. Hildryn also has a very unique look and feels bulky, but not slow or clumsy at all. Instead she is truly a warrior with good mobility and great combat feeling.

She does come with her own Warframe weapon and some offensive area-of-effect abilities that can quickly clear the map. We managed to find some builds that might interest you, so keep on reading!

The different builds There are some discussions to have about the right aura mod and picking the right version highly depends on your own preferences and play style. Since Hildryn does have a very low health pool, picking Rejuvenation is very strong and will help you against status procs like toxic or slash damage.

Tip: If you want to know more about Hildryn and her abilities, feel free to take a look at the wikia page. It does come with innate electricity damage and has a very high base damage. Instead we focus on raising the raw damage even further with Augur Pact and Hornet strike and use some elemental mods to deal a huge amount of damage. You can always pick the elemental combination you like most, raise the innate electricity damage further or switch mods out depending on your next mission. This is probably the strongest build you can have with Hildryn.

Warframe: Hildryn CRUSH! Our Domina

High level enemies, assassination targets, Shadow Stalkers and so on will die in a few shots. The Balefire Charger does count as a grenade launcher and will deal great area-of-effect-damage against enemies. Against groups of enemies, try to aim for the ground close to them rather than aiming for the enemies body. That way you will guaranteed deal splash damage and kill everything.

Redirection is an auto-include in every Hildryn build, Fleeting Expertise helps with the shield costs of every shot and Primed Vigor is just a beast on this Warframe. Stretch and Cunning Drift are used to expand the explosion radius of your shots, but you can always change them if you rather have Power DriftStreamlinemore health use Vitality! You do want a good amount of range for that, so picking Cunning DriftAugur Reach and Stretch is a good choice here.

You might also want to try out Overextendedbut the ability strength reduction is just too much of a cost in this build. Fleeting Expertise and Primed Continuity help with the high shield drain especially if you activate both abilities at once and Redirection and Primed Vigor are again super great at expanding your shield and health pool.

Umbral Intensify can as always just be a normal Intensify. Playing this build feels pretty cool and you can use your controls during Aegis Storm to fly around Space and CTRL will change your altitude while also killing stuff.

Against a lot of enemies your shield will run out pretty fast, but you do have a few seconds of invulnerability if that happens, so let your shield recharge before you activate your abilities again. Hildryn is a very unique and very fun-to-play Warframe.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Warframe Store Page. Global Achievements. My PC is really slow and I can't play on Fortuna to farm warframe parts and resources for their craft. But I really wanna give a try to Baruuk, Garuda and Hildryn.

Do they worth spending platinum on them in game shop? Or better save my platinum for the next primes? Showing 1 - 8 of 8 comments. Pakaku View Profile View Posts. Hildryn is a no-energy tank who spends shields to cast abilities instead, and with a good setup, her shields can stay sustained so easily that it's like an always-on Iron Skin Garuda is a pretty good offense frame, can deal slash procs easily, with a passive gimmick based around playing while at lower levels of health she even has an ability dedicated to sacrificing health for refilling her energy Baruuk is sort of a CC frame based around disarming and sleeping his enemies, and can avoid damage entirely when not attacking which is really nice if you use charged weapons like bows That would probably be my order of which to get first, but they all have their own uses, so I'd base it around what your playstlye is like.

Kind of unfortunate that you can't run Fortuna, though, because I thought Garuda's grind was tolerable. Last edited by Pakaku ; 21 Jul, am. Honestly, you'll get a lot of different answers.

I personally like Baruuk, but a lot of people dislike him. If I'm in the same situation where I can't load the open worlds, I might consider just buying him. It all comes down to your playstyle and personal preferences IMO. Last edited by anielrebirth ; 21 Jul, am.

You have have to grind an obscene amount of rare rng mats. And the blueprints for the blueprint parts have blueprints like the parts of the blueprint parts of the warframe each have blueprints - its ridiculous lmao that you have to again buy with rep which is limited on daily basis and gated behind both reputation rank and fairly high cost - btw reputation rank uses the same "unit" as what you need to buy all the stuff - so first you grind to a high rank rep, then you grind more rep to buy overpriced prints for each material.

In addition there is a certain item which is actually somewhat rare all things considered that you need to pay for increasing rank each time. Like right now i have enough rep to rank up but i cant because i miss like 11 of that particular item out of Again absurd.

Pay to play for sure. If you already have all the rep with the faction its probably not as asinine but yea. If you want to play garuda anytime soon just buy it. They all have different style of play. Are they fun?

Not really. Are they worth the plat price? I would say no Warframe or Weapon is worth the Plat cost in the Market at all when it's all farmable.

hildryn worth it

But in you're position of not being able to farm it that all depends on you, but I would not recommend wasting plat on them, you may just need to wait and save up to Upgrade it abit or buy new PC, unless it's a Laptop then buy new PC.

Last edited by Kutsuu Mugen ; 21 Jul, am.Equipped with the Artax ice-beam.

I have something that may be of interest to you. Recent excavations near Earth have revealed a cache of Sentinel technology, once thought lost forever. The Taxon Sentinel is a protector, a mender of shields. During the Old-War it saved countless Tenno lives from certain death. The Taxon is a Sentinel pre-equipped with the Artax as its default weapon. The Taxon's blueprint is awarded for completion of the Venus Junction on Earth.

Players who have already completed that junction prior to Update Edit Tab Taxon can be equipped with the following items:. Edit Tab Hotfix Update Last updated: Hotfix Edit Tab Images Edit Taxon concept art. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Sentinels Sentinel Mods. Edit Tab. With 'Assault Mode' and 'Molecular Conversion' as its default precepts, Taxon protects its owner with shield restoration. Construct its blueprint, and you will have an ally at your side.

Retarget Sentinel will attack first visible enemy in range. Increasing level increases range. Molecular Conversion Blast enemies within range, converting damage into shields for the Warframe. Desert-Camo Baro Ki'Teer. Hotfix Categories :.


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